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  • Niti Bagh Colony,Patel Nagar,P.O Agrico Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831009, India
  • (0657) 2346924, 2421744

About Chandra Educational Foundation Trust

CHANDRA EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION TRUST is registered under the Reg. Act (21) 1860 in the year 2012. The trust is based upon the social view and truthful motto. Trustator & Trustees are always congenial and friendly to the concerned faculty as well as each and everybody related to the social / Educational prospect of the establishment. They aim from the beginning to lead this trust along with its objectives towards the fruitful output. They concentrate towards education, welfare and also to the cultural aspects. CHANDRA EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION TRUST focuses on' the best output of the students in all prospects ( academy, sports and cultural activity ) All the members/ officials of the trust have spent many years in working hard and giving their best effort to achieve their target. The trust had started to realise the social view / dream and began to work hard to give proper/ unique education to the students from the beginning and still continues in giving the best effort, endlessly, far as better as possible. The trust assures the relevant people/parents who have lent their hands to the concerned establishment & who are sending their children to the schools with belief & hope that they wouldn't face any negative turn as well as never lose their faith.

Children from each and every strata get opportunity for studies at a minimum financial afford in DAV Public School under execution of Chandra Educational Foundation Trust.

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